Why you need a hooping device

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Why you need a hooping device

1. Hooping and placement is one of the most important parts of Embroidery.
You can have a design that was digitized very well, run it on the best embroidery machine, put it on a $50 shirt, but if the design is not hooped properly and in the same place on every shirt the embroidery will look horrible. Hooping can be done without a hooping system, but it is very difficult to hoop straight and have consistent placement. Consistency is very important. The HoopMaster helps you document logo placement so that you can hoop in the same location every time without measuring and marking every garment. The HoopMaster also holds your hoop square with the work board. This allows you to easily align the shirt with the work board and hoop straight every time. Most shirts also need a backing material placed inside the shirt to help stabilize the embroidery. The HoopMaster has magnetic flaps on its fixtures to hold your backing material in place while you hoop.

2. Garments are expensive.
Having to buy new garments because of in proper placement, or logos that are not straight, v is very expensive and will reduce your profit. This can be very difficult for new embroidery companies especially. One bad job can turn a customer away for good. Even worse, if a customer accepts your poorly placed or crooked embroidery and wears the garment for years. This is not the type of advertising you want for your embroidery business. The HoopMaster will greatly reduce the number of garments you damage and increase your profits.

3. Hooping is a very time consuming part of embroidery, especially if you do not use a hooping device.
One good thing to remember is that if your embroidery machine is not running, it is not making you any money. A hooping device will greatly reduce the downtime between runs. This will increase your profit per run and help maximize the profit each machine can produce.

4. Hooping is a very physical process.
The HoopMaster can help reduce the strain on your wrists and hands. Since the HoopMaster holds and aligns the hoop for you, it is much easier to apply the pressure needed to hoop the garment.

5. It is very difficult to learn to hoop properly without a hooping device.
Whether you are just starting in embroidery or training a new employee to hoop, it is much easier to learn to hoop correctly and efficiently with a device like the HoopMaster. The HoopMaster takes the guesswork out of hooping. All you need to do is align the garment with the HoopMaster and the hoop will be aligned automatically.

6. Proper garment tension will make designs sew better.
The HoopMaster will help you achieve more consistent tension in your hooping. This helps reduce looping and registration problems.

In Review

Hooping devices are a very important part of the Embroidery process. They help you reduce stress and strain on your body while hooping. They also will increase your profit by, maximizing the use of your equipment and time, and reducing the amount of garments you damage.

We hope this information has helped to explain the benefits of a quality hooping system. Thank you for taking the time to research our products.


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