The World Leader In Commercial Embroidery Hooping Systems

Revolutionary Hooping Products for Embroidery

The patented HoopMaster has been a game changer for the embroidery industry.  It has made hooping easier, faster, and more consistent.  HoopMaster was the first hooping system to address tubular hooping, by actually holding the top ring of the embroidery hoop, decreasing operator error during the hooping process.  It has also helped reduce wrist and arm problems, such as carpal tunnel.  The HoopMaster’s backing material holder, ability to document logo placement, and easy set up are just some of the time saving features included in the system.  All of the advantages provided by HoopMaster, make it the #1 selling commercial hooping system in the the world today.

The new Mighty Hoop is a patented magnetic hoop, which can be used with the HoopMaster, or by itself.  The Mighty Hoop has made hooping the impossible, possible!  Heavy quilted jackets, leather, silk,  and even horse blankets can now be hooped with the Mighty Hoop.  Unlike a clamp, Mighty Hoops don’t have a pinch point.  This allows the embroider to get further into an item so that logo placement is not limited.  Mighty Hoops also allow hooping over seams and zippers.  Due to the Mighty Hoop’s magnetic hooping, fabric will always be taught without the need to adjust the outer ring.  This helps to reduce hoop burn, and makes hooping faster.  Stop turning business away because of hooping limitations, and do what thousands of others are already doing.  Try the Mighty Hoop today!


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