The World Leader In Commercial Embroidery Hooping Systems


Midwest Products, Inc. started in 1983 as a small home embroidery business called Midwest Embroidery. It quickly grew into a large embroidery company that did contract embroidery for companies like McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Briggs and Stratton, and even the Olympic Games. To keep the embroidery machines running, we needed to develop a quick and accurate way to hoop. That need led us to developing our own hooping device. It wasn’t until an embroidery machine dealer stopped in our shop and told us everyone could use a hooping station like ours, that the idea of patenting and manufacturing our hooping device began. When we researched and spoke with other embroiderers, it became very apparent that there was a serious need for a hooping system that really worked.

In 1998, the HoopMaster was patented, and began being manufactured under our new company name, Midwest Products, Inc. The HoopMaster was so well received within the embroidery community, that in 2004 we needed to expand Midwest Products, Inc. to a 17,000 square foot facility to keep up with demand. Since 1998, we have sold thousands of hooping devices to over 103 countries. Today, HoopMaster is the #1 selling commercial hooping system in the world.

Knowing the demand for more intuitive hooping aids, Midwest Products, Inc. recently invented, patented, and introduced the Mighty Hoop to the embroidery industry. Normal hoops weren’t made with the intention of hooping items like thick work wear, bags, horse blankets, leather, or delicate fabrics. The Mighty Hoop, a magnetic hoop, was designed to specifically address these issues, but also makes every day hooping easier. The feedback received from customers and machine manufacturers around the world, has been extraordinary. Mighty Hoops have taken the embroidery industry by storm.

Midwest Products, Inc. manufactures most parts for the HoopMaster and Mighty Hoop in house and employs approximately 50 employees. Although the company continues to grow and expand, we are proud that we remain a small, family-run operation and that our quality products are made and assembled in the USA!

It is our continued mission to invent and manufacture products to help people in embroidery become more efficient, accurate and profitable!

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