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Mightyhoop Information

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Let the Magnets do the work!

Mighty Hoops are the latest patented invention by Midwest Products Inc., the innovators of the HoopMaster. Magnetic Mighty Hoops make hooping anything from delicate, thin materials to heavy duty Carhartt workwear a breeze. There is no need to struggle with manual hoops that require adjusting the outer ring or using excessive force. Mighty Hoops also reduce hoop burn and stress on wrists and arms. Mighty Hoops can be used with almost any muti-needle, tubular embroidery machine and some single needle tubular machines. Wondering if your machine can use Mighty Hoops? Find out here.

Mighty Hoops can be used alone, but for the easiest, fastest and most consistent hooping, we highly recommend using the HoopMaster hooping system. When Mighty Hoops are used in conjunction with the HoopMaster, you get the ultimate hooping experience. Find more information on the HoopMaster here.

HoopMaster and Mighty Hoops are for commercial embroidery machines.
Carhartt is a registered trademark of Carhartt, Inc.