The World Leader In Commercial Embroidery Hooping Systems

HoopMaster Home Edition


  • Designed to make easy consistent logo placement
  • Special backing material holder – no need to use tape to hold your backing
  • The main board adjusts to 3 different angles to make hooping easy on different types of items.
  • Special brackets for your hoops – no hardware to adjust
  • The letters and numbers help make placement consistent without measuring and marking
  • The HoopMaster Home Edition is made of the same durable materials used in the commercial HoopMaster.

The hoop bracket is designed for your hoop. The bracket just presses onto the station and the hoop fits into the bracket. No hardware to adjust when changing hoop size or location.


The small black blocks are backing material holders. They can be positioned around the hoop to hold backing in place while hooping.

Most hoops can be used vertically or horizontally, just move the bracket to whatever position you need.

Use the entire width of the station for hooping adult garments.
Use the slots in the station for infant garments, youth garments or sleeves and bags.
The letters and numbers help make placements consistent without measuring and marking.
Station shown in flat position used for towels, bags and other flat items
Station shown in middle angle position Used for shirt fronts and backs
Station shown in high angle position Another angle to use for garment fronts and backs