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Happy information

The following are notes we have made about Happy machines.

The hoops on this page will fit some models of machines, but not all. The first thing you will need to do is to figure out which sewing field widths your model uses. Please look at these pictures and take similar measurements of the existing hoops you use with your machine. Once you know your sewing field size, select the hoop that you are interested in and then select the sewing field option that is the same as your current hoop.

  • Mighty Hoop
    • Bracket Spacing
      • 360mm (MOST COMMON)
        • Happy machines can go the HP360 (14”)
          • Happy Voyager – HCS2-12-1
            • Cannot move their arms out
            • Biggest MH is a 10×10
          • Happy Journey – HCH-701
            • Cannot move their arms out
            • Biggest MH is an 10×10
      • 450mm (VERY RARE)
        • HCM 806-36T; 6 Head Machines
      • Some Happy machines can move their arms out wider
        • Happy 500 (19 ½”)
          • See Note Below about Models with “X”
        • Happy 520 (20 ¼”)
          • Typically, an HCD, HCA or HCU model
          • Can do 13×16
          • No 14×16 at HP520
          • Can do 17×11
          • Can do the 15×12 with 1.5” offset bkt
          • 17×16” Mighty Hoops
            • some HCD2 and HCD3 single head machines can do the 17×16 with 1.5” offset – tested by Jagersma 3-8-18
            • HCU uses a 1.5” offset bracket
        • Happy 773 (30.43”)
          • HCU 1501 – Can do the 10×19

HCG-1504B-45-TTC – This is a 360mm width only machine

HCM 806-36T – This is a 450mm wide machine. Not sure if arms move.

HCGX-1204-45TTC – Testing 13×16 on machine at HP500

HCR-1504-45 – HP360 Max width