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Highland information

The following are notes we have made about Highland machines.

The hoops on this page will fit some models of machines, but not all. The first thing you will need to do is to figure out which sewing field widths your model uses. Please look at these pictures and take similar measurements of the existing hoops you use with your machine. Once you know your sewing field size, select the hoop that you are interested in and then select the sewing field option

Other Models have different bracket styles and widths. It would be recommended that you email a picture of the following items.

  • A picture of a left chest embroidery with a tape measure from end of left bracket to end of right bracket.
  • Do the same on the Jacket back size for your machine.
  • We will need the Model #.


  • Mighty Hoop
    • Miscellaneous Information
      • Most Highland machines are HL 500 spacing
    • Model # Notes
      • JC1501S – CH500 Brackets ONLY (ok for 1316)
      • JC1501 – HL489 and HL594 Brackets (ok for 1316)
      • HM1501C & CT1501 – TJ360, TJ500, TJ600 (Ok 13×16)
      • HM/D1501C – HL500 12×15 ONLY, 13×16 Hits arms
      • HME 1501C- HL500 Can Do the 13×16
      • CX1504 and CX 1506 – HL500 – testing 12×15 at Distinctive EMB through KYS on 5-13-16, they worked.
      • Echo 1201 – Tim ( is going to send us pictures so we can determine what brackets he needs 3/8/19 cje – never sent in pics 6/3/19 cje
        • Sent PR brackets on SO 73402.
      • Breeze 1201, 1501
        • Sent PR brackets on SO 74419.
      • HM/D-1201c, HM/D-1501c, & HM/D-1501c5 are using HL489
        • (Per Kathy @ Mesa)3-20-19. TB