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Meistergram- 5.5″ with 8×13 Mighty Hoop Kit


Meistergram – 5.5″ Mighty Hoop Kit with 8×13″ and Adjustable Fixture.

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I promise that I measured my current hoops and chose the correct sewing field based off that measurement. I understand that if I provide the wrong sewing field, the hoops will not work on my machine and I will need to order new brackets and wait for them to be delivered. I will probably cry a little, since I really want to use the hoops when they arrive. See the link above to determine your sewing field width.

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This kit is for customers that do not already own a HoopMaster System, and would like to start out with everything they need for 5.5″ and 8×13″ Mighty Hoops. The HoopMaster system helps align and apply the Mighty Hoops to garments. The HoopMaster is not required to use the Mighty Hoops, but it will make the hooping process quick, easy, accurate and consistent. This is the most common kit sold to new customers.

This is the 5.5″ kit with the addition of the 8×13″ Mighty Hoop and the Adjustable fixture to use the 8×13″ on the HoopMaster Station.

The dimensions of the 5.5″ hoop in this kit are as follows

The inside dimension of this hoop is 5 5/16″ (5.30″, or 135mm)

Actual sewing area depends on brand of machine between to 4 5/16″ to 4 13/16″ (110 to 122mm)

The 8×13″ hoop dimensions are as follows

The inside dimension of this hoop is 7 5/8″x12 3/4″ (7.66×12.81″, 194x325mm)

Actual sewing area depends on brand of machine approximately 6.87 x 12.02″ or 174 x 305mm

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 17 × 5 in


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