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These are the hoops that will fit the Barudan machines. All of these hoops will not fit every model of Barudan machine.  The first thing you will need to do is to figure out which type of brackets your particular model uses and which sewing field width. Barudan has two types of brackets that hold the hoops in the machine and two main sewing field widths for each.  Please look at these pictures and determine which bracket type and size you have.

BQ520 Sew Field

If your machine model starts with BED, BEV, BEX or BEK or is a 2002 or newer machine, it is probably the QS/BQ style.  The 520 sewing field is also the most common, but it would be good to measure your current hoops to make sure this is what you have.

Once you know your style and sewing field size, select the hoop that you are interested in and then select one of the sewing field options.

****All models can not use the largest sizes of Mighty hoops.  If you want a hoop larger than an 8×13”, you should go to this link to see more notes that we have for different models and hoop compatibility.*************

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