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The hoops on this page will fit some models of machines, but not all. The first thing you will need to do is to figure out which sewing field widths your model uses. Please look at these pictures and take similar measurements of the existing hoops you use with your machine. Once you know your sewing field size, select the hoop that you are interested in and then select the sewing field option that is the same as your current hoop.

You don’t need a measurement for the EM1010 machine. Just choose EM1010 when ordering.

**********Go to this link to see more notes on different models and hoop compatibility.*************

If you have Green hoops, your small hoops probably use the 360mm field. If you have Grey hoops, you probably use 400A brackets.  The color of your hoops will not determine the bracket for sure, so please still do the measurement below before ordering.

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