Mighty Hoop Featured in Printwear Magazine

Here is an article about hooping developments, written by Helen Hart, in July’s Printwear  magazine.  Helen is an expert in embroidery, and has a wealth of information about the industry.  We are honored to be mentioned and recommended by her in this article.

“Hooping on table tops, measuring with rulers, T-squares and triangles, “eye-balling” projects, and learning as we went…that’s the way things were done back in the day. Now, I often hear an embroiderer who turns away left-chest jobs due to a lack of hooping device, or passes on an order for the dreaded “finished cap” because he just can’t get it to behave. Sharing the trials and tribulations of hooping on a table top with nothing but gumption and persistence earns me looks of disbelief. (I can remember many an order that made me yearn for a few hours doing something simple, like herding cats.) Those of us who experienced it have a greater appreciation for the advancement of the tools that make life easier. I once was asked to write a review of all the hooping devices available…”

You can read the full article here!